First United Methodist Church
Thursday, May 28, 2020
Wynne, Arkansas

Sunday School




Pairs and Spares Class
The class is studying the Adult Bible Study Series and attend Sunday
School to study the gospel together along with providing opportunities
for fun and fellowship.  A major objective for them is evangelism
through personal contacts.

This group considers themselves to be family.  Many have been members
of the class for upwards of forty years, but they are always looking
for new family members, so anyone will be made to feel welcome.  This
class is made up of persons from 40 to "mature."

In order to keep the class growing and current, they use many forms of
technology.  The class is known for being open-minded, informed and
inclusive.  This is a fun, exciting Sunday School Class which provides
opportunities to help individuals grow in their faith and relationship
with God.

Friendship Class
 This group believes in keeping in close contact with each other which
they do via email, phone and mail.  They are a caring group which
supports each other, their church family and the wider community.  The
class ranges in age from 45 to 65. They most often choose studies that are outside of the traditional lectionary and address current social issues and how they relate to the Bible.









The Fellowship Class 
The main objective of the Fellowship Class is to grow in understanding of our place in the world and in the role of faith in fulfilling that purpose.  Topics of study include the history of Methodism, Christianity, Judaism, Biblical scholarship and topics of contemporary concern.

We also study other religions to better understand our own. 


 As a missional activity we try to financially support a number of organizations and individuals. 
The age group of this class is anywhere from 30 to 85.


 The Genesis Class

This class began 14 years ago as a "young adult" Sunday School Class.  Now that their children attend with them, they can still call the class "young adults"! Our focus of study is God's word and how it applies to everyday life. One activity continued over the years is Christmas caroling. Instead of a class party, this class chooses to turn the activity into a service project to spread God's love through old fashioned tradition. Come share God's word with us! 



 The Go-Getters class is a loving, caring class made up mainly of "seniors", but they welcome any and everyone. They are a Christian fellowship group, hoping to grow in faith, supporting and caring for each other.  The class uses the adult Bible studies series, and everyone is encouraged to participate.  They also enjoy singing the hymns of the church.  In missions, they minister to others with "thinking of you" cards.  In addition to participating in church wide Christmas giving, they support others throughout the year as needs arise.  


Discovery Class 

 Comprised of young adults who are addressing social issues on an everyday basis, this group is interested in applying biblical principles to life and sharing their faith with the people they interact with. 



The youth class is designed to help youth develop Christian Beliefs.
The goal of this class is to help youth translate what they believe
into their everyday activities.
The class consists of 7th through 12th grades and are also the Youth
Group on Wednesday nights



Classes for all ages of children are available: 

3, 4 & 5 Year Olds

Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Graders 

3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Graders